Finalistas do 10º concurso de fotos Smithsonian Magazine

Algumas das fotos finalistas do 10º concurso anual da Smithsonian Magazine.

The Milky Way Galaxy Exploding from Mount Rainier

Photo by David Morrow (Everett, Washington). Photographed at Sunrise Point in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, October 6, 2012

The photographer captured this image of the Milky Way rising up from behind Mount Rainier with a Nikon D800. “The stars almost looked as though they were erupting from the mountain and I knew this was a moment in time that I had to capture,” Morrow says.

Visiting the Bronx Zoo

Photo by Vanessa Bartlett (New York, New York); October 2012, Bronx Zoo, New York City

This gorilla bounded up to the photographer as she was capturing photos of his enclosure with a Canon Rebel T3. The giant mammal remained in front of her for half an hour. “After returning home, I couldn’t stop staring at this photo,” says Bartlett, for whom photography is a new hobby. “I caught exactly what I wanted: the subject’s magnificence beyond the obvious.”

An Onlooker Witnesses the Annular Solar Eclipse as the Sun Sets on May 20, 2012

The photographer captures a person framed by the annular solar eclipse, watching as the sun sets. “I feel it can inspire so many people around the world, no matter what race, religion or gender,” Pinski says. “Anyone can look at it and feel touched by a ‘beyond this world’ experience.”

Antheraea Polyphemus Caterpillar Striking a Rather Devious-Looking Pose

Photo by Colin Hutton (Durham, North Carolina). Photographed in Duke Forest, North Carolina, September 2011.

The photographer, who is always looking out for interesting insects, discovered this caterpillar while shooting footage of a jumping spider with a Canon 7D.

Mummy, I Am Down Here, and Hungry!

Photo by Bjorn Olesen (Singapore). Photographed in Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia, November, 2010.

The morning this photo was taken was unusually quiet, Olesen says. “I was about to pack my bags I heard this juvenile Spectacled Spiderhunter (Arachnothera flavigaster) calling ‘chi-chit, chi-chit,’ trying to attract the attention of its parents above while flapping its wings.” Olesen snapped as many shots possible before the bird flew away seconds later. “[It was] the highlight of my Borneo Trip.”
Taken with a Nikon D3.

Breeding Penguins

Photo by Neal Piper (Washington, DC). Photographed at Damoy Point, Antarctica, January 2012.

The photographer waited about an hour to snap this image of Gento penguins and their newborn chicks on Antarctica. “I have always dreamed of visiting all seven continents, and on this day that dream came true,” says Piper, who took this shot with an EOS 40D.

A Man-Made Ice Geyser

Photo by Nathan Carlsen (Duluth, Minnesota). Photographed in Duluth, Minnesota, January 2012.

“A water pipe in Duluth is ‘bled’ every year to ensure it doesn’t freeze,” Carlsen explains. “As the water freezes, it builds this amazing ice geyser.” Carlsen purchased several dozen LED lights, secured them to a rope with duct tape and hung them down the center of the geyser to achieve the lighting in this image. He then captured the shot with a tripod-mounted Nikon D70.

Ants Holding Seeds

Photo by Eko Adiyanto (Bekasi, Indonesia). Photographed in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia, April 2012.

The photographer, armed with his Nikon D70, was compelled to take this photo because he had never seen ants exhibiting their strength in this way. “It’s [a] unique and rare moment,” Adiyanto says.

A Pair of Bald Eagles Share a Meal

Photo by Don Holland (Dyer, Tennessee). Photographed in Reelfoot Lake State Park, Tennessee, January 2012.

The photographer’s wife spotted these eagles perched in a dead tree feeding on animal remains in the state park’s Upper Blue Basin. “Bird photography is very challenging and often frustrating, but the reward is the satisfaction in recognizing when the elements come together and capturing a special moment,” says Holland, who captured this image with a Canon 7D with a 600mm f/4 IS lens.


Photo by Tim Wright (Omaha, Nebraska). Photographed in Mapleton, Iowa, April 2011.

The image conveys a sense of 3-D in the scene of the aftermath of a powerful Midwestern tornado. The camera used is a Canon 5D Mark II, and the photo is an HDR image using Photomatix HDR Pro and Photoshop CS3.

Chasing Shadows

Photo by Violet Kashi (Giv’atayim, Israel). Photographed in Tel Aviv, Israel, September 2011.

The photographer says this montage of photos, captured with a Nikon D90, captures the “unique blend of reality and make-believe” that constitutes her childhood memories.

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